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Gen. Zinni's Mission
As with all of the projects of the Bush II administration, the American Peace Initiative in the Israeli Palestine conflict is well prepared.
There is even a small chance that some short term success will be the result. If the Palestinians indeed will be satisfied with not getting rid of the "occupation" just in the Westbank and Gaza areas, it could be an end to the violence.
However, it will not change the character of the Palestinians or Arabs in general.
The Palestinians still might have their eye on the whole of the pre Israel Palestina. The convictions of the individual terror organizations will not be easily modified to peacenics type either. And the hate filled minds of the Palestine youth will in adulthood rise to new violence; at least by a percentage of those youth who lost fathers or brothers etc. Forgivingness is a Christian quality, not typical for Muslims, or for that matter to Jews. I would not get my hopes to high in the final result.
Political it has value; the US needs to make a good impression to the Arab countries, because some cooperation is needed in its advance on to "Babylon".
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  Date 03/15/2002