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WEF Protesters, result of failing 
Education System.
After the quiet Friday, which attracted view attendants, the demonstration was on Saturday participated by many more; according reports several thousands.
The NY police controlled the City section from 59th  to 46th Street and from Madison to Lexington completely and efficiently with large numbers.
The demonstrators had however ample opportunity to speak their mind on the sidewalk across the Waldorf Astoria Hotel where the Forum took place.
The crowd existed mostly of the 16 - 35 year demographics.
It reminded me of my political action period of the late 60th, early 70th in Amsterdam Netherland
The experience of that time gives me a reasonably good understanding and insight what drives these individuals.
Their motivation is based on youthful idealism, guided by the knowledge derived from the liberal educators of, sorry, my generation, who with the necessary knowledge also have included a lot of garbage: to much dinosaur, to little Christian morality, to much environmental concern, to little insight in free market economy, etc.
That means, just like communism Marxism: they are fed half truth. 
There are some more ingredients to their motivation: one part is the need to be involved with activity they perceive to be important and thus let them feel important. There is a part to be among and to stand out among the same thinking non conformist. It is also related to the sex drive; as far as there are organized groups involved, there is naturally also couples activity. Don't forget they are non conformists.
In total, what they miss is a balanced view. They are not able to jet include in their thinking the other side of the equation. They have not jet discovered and accepted that there are wise and moral people who are at work, working for a good livable World for the generations after us and who have means and influence and the same desire to do that what makes the World better.
And if you did not find enough explanation on the title of this article, it is because I wrote already several times about this topic and you can read that in
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  Date 02/03/2002