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President Bush's State of the Union
The president in his first State of the Union speech made clear that his mission of leading the Nation and the World in the war is not distracting him from leading in the domestic area as well.
The programs he want congress to act upon are in general agreeable to the congressional democrats; he seams to follow in that aspect the strategy of his predecessor, who borrowed the Republican ideas.
His strong stands on the defense of the country was as expected expressed with great intensity and determination. He promised to spend whatever it takes to defend the country and included his plans for missile defense, what earned him a one sided applause.
It was almost hilarious when he urged the senate to act upon a bill produced by the House of Representatives for a economical stimulus program, that as everyone knows was prevented from being voted on by the dem. Majority Leader Tom Daschle, who now him selves has suggested a economic stimulus program to his liking.
The speech was impressive, from the heart, with love and derived from faith and understanding of his historical position. 
He stated the war for freedom, against terrorism and evil, to be a responsibility and a privilege. 
He also announced among other initiatives, the doubling of the peace core and suggested that everyone would dedicate two years of the rest of their life to their neighbors and the nation.
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  Date 01/30/2002