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Slowly you are getting it!
Sadam is not a problem if there are no terrorists to transfer weapons of mass destruction to. Let the Muslims take care of their own criminals. We know what and how they do with them! The United States has to give them enough reason to do it! And that reason is: "One more terrorist attack on the US will trigger the destruction of the symbols and relics of a retarded and NEEDLESS culture. Yes! A culture without individual freedom is retarded. It should be helped to elevate itself and that can be done by removing that what keeps it down. This is the reality we have to wakeup to. Just like the FBI had to wakeup to the possibility of airplanes being used as missiles or preventing instead of just prosecuting. We have to move to a realistic mindset. We are slowly getting it! Dying in war is not romantic; it is wasteful of precious human life of expensive trained individuals with families who are not in need of the pain only slightly compensated with honor of sacrifice. Let the evil ones pay the price. Why do we have to put up with the prospect of more terrorist attacks? Because the counter threat is not the right threat. They are not afraid to die. Wouldn't they be strongly discouraged by the prospect of causing Mecca to be turned into dessert? 
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  Date 03/00/2002