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The Signs
The war on terrorism, called jihad by the opposing party, has barely started. The attack on the Christian church in Islamabad, Pakistan is a sign of what we must expect more of. This is what Israel has been living and dying with for the past year and a half. Russia also has had its deal of bombings in Moscow. The Western World has had also bomb throwers in its past: anarchist, the extreme anti government individual nutcases, a sample of were we will have from time to time to deal with. However they have not much of a widespread doctrine. 
The Marxist type of terrorist is still operational. For example in Colombia, in the Philippines and in other places. But their support base has been swallowed up by democratic freedom, with the collapse of the USSR. Their philosophical basis is largely only acceptable to simple minded workers, students and is held onto in the US, by a number of professors who were students in the sixties them selves.
However the doctrinaire base of jihad has been in place for almost 1340 years and its roots are therefor deep and wide. To eradicate the evil aspectof of it, integrated into the Muslim religion, is practically impossible. A new generation or two or three have to pas, in order to eliminate the already poisoned minds. The concept of 'bringing to justice' has to replace revenge or reprisal. Forgiving has to replace vendetta; Muslims and Jews both have to adapt to these changes of goundrules and ethics of their societies, 2000 years to late.
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  Date 03/182002