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"Shadow" Government
It must have been a media person, who launched the term "shadow government". And many in the media make use of the term and the spin "secret" Tom Daschle added to it.
This spin was the latest attempt to discredit the Bush administration. 
There was nothing secret at this rotating system of a part of the Government Management; it existed since the sixties, but sometimes you can fool some of the people.
And it falls in line with the failed attempts to do so such as with blaming the recession on Bush, diminishing budget surplus on Bush tax reduction, Enron corrupting influence on Bush. 
The words of Daschle are reflecting on Democrats who are concurring and intervening on his behave. This will not be without effect on the mid term election results.
The obstruction of the economic stimulus package, the scandalous un Constitutional limitations on free speech contained in the finance reform bill and the "Bickering" conformation shenanigans, will cost the Democrats more than they aimed at gaining.
My advice to Daschle and the Democrats is:
Do the right thing; it is not smart to do the wrong thing; it does not work! The problem is that you might not be able to distinguish between right and wrong. You need a conscience to make that judgment. That kind of handicap is not covered under the ADA bill.
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  Date 03/05/2002