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Ken Lay was advised by legal counsel not to attend Fritz Hollings congressional commission. Any body wonders why he shouldn't face the music? 
In the Democratic election commercials in North Carolina. opposing the candidacy of Elisabeth Dole and criticizing her meeting with a Christian women group after she promised to put her campaign on hold, Ken Lay was called a scoundrel. It needs one to know one.
Byron Dorgan, ND (d) on the talk circuit stated also to have made up his mind. Not much chance for Lay to expect objectivity. After Lay's cancellation of his earlier promised appearance "Fritz" Hollings, SC (d) expressed his displeasure and promised a vote to subpoena Ken Lay. His motivation was also spite over the minimal contributions he had received, contra to his opponents; a meager $3500 over a 10 year period. The subpoena vote was not enough to air his feeling: he also called for a special prosecutor to investigate the Bush Administration, whom he accused of being the most "cash and carry" ever. He forgot about the previous administration. Enough scoundrels to go around.
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  Date 02/05/2002