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The Sadam factor
Situations are new, for everyone. if we will look back in a month, what about in one year? Some of us writing thinking, we might be wrong and have misjudged the barely known factors. I heard O'Reilly saying something like "Sadam is the greater danger". It might turn out to be true. However if comparing the two personalities, Sadam and bin Laden, I see bin Laden as the greater danger. Unless he gets eliminated shortly. Sadam is an old man, who took a chance and failed. He was not able to call for a Jihad. Not enough Arabs believed, that he is a real Moslem. To many understand his system is fascist. Actually he is a national socialist. Just like Hitler left Christians alone, Sadam is not putting anything in the way of Islam. Except he invaded Kuwait. That was a nono in Islam.
Than he tried to make up for that with putting some scud missiles into Israel. But this did not fool many Arabs; only some Palestinians.
The Usama factor
What we get to see from Usama bin Laden is a man in his prime. He has done his homework and has sent this homework all over the Arabic World. He is an unsatisfied offspring, who according Arab tradition not being the first son, had to take a back seat to older siblings, male children of his fathers several wives. He has projected himself to millions of resentful emotional low living standard Arabs as a devout Moslem. A Moslem with a mission. The mission to elevate Arabs under the banner of Islam and surpass Christians and Jews in bringing realization to Allah's will on the Earth. Arabs in general have great intelligence. Especially in business and politics. In that aspect they can run rings around anyone. And Usama bin Laden is a class by itself. However with a brain it is as with a computer: garbage in garbage out. Resentment is the virus of the brain. And this virus is all over the Arabic World. And it is very old and hardy, just like the people.
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