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Palestinian fate sealed.
The inability of the Palestinians to grasp that the modern civilized World is not continuing to accept killing of innocent civilians to reach political aims will cause their extinction.
It has not reached the conscience of some groups, including Palestinians, that the World has also changed for them, just as it has changed for the rest of the World.
Calling someone to be freedom fighter and opposing occupation are not longer excuses to use less civilized, that is barbaric methods to reach a political goal and will find decreasing numbers of idiots to support the sense of acceptability of terrorist activities.
The event of 9/11/2001 has opened the eyes of many. mostly in the West.
As civilized peoples hope for Palestinians and other groups to change their ways, they will be disappointed to find that these groups are unable and missing the mental capacity to be part of a modern society. It will become ineffably necessary to separate the chaff from the wheat and eliminate the regressive segment.
It is at this time not widely understood; it may be taking an other four years before this becomes obvious to the World at large, although it would not be surprising to see this process accelerated.
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  Date 01/26/2002