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Al Yazeera this week once again gave publicity to
the interpretation of Usama bin Laden of the
Koran by means of a video tape. Since the CNN and other broadcasters in the US are trying to get a exclusive interview with the elusive instigator of the Al Caeda terror network, we haven't much to criticize Al Yazeera. But we have some more to compare Western and Muslim World views. 

We become aware of some consequential details of UBL's line of thought. And these details are quite logic. There is  where we touch the problem of the Western World. We are in denial of this logic. Therefor we need the overwhelming power of the Western World as equalizer. We would be in a better position if the opponent would be 180 degrees opposite. What do I mean?

While the Islam has the same source as Judaism and Christianity, our Western approach to Religious is as if it is separate from daily life; not complete but it is left to the individual, how big a part of his life he allows it to be. This is unthinkable in Islam; five times prayer according natural divisions of the day, makes life indivisible from religion.

Christians should be like that. Christians as representing the Western World should be so dedicated to the realization of God's Kingdom on Earth. Instead we are a heterogeneous hotchpotch of individualistic halfhearted units who are even struggling with the concept of family. 

Back to the logic of UBL's message. Uniting with a totally secular World Organization as the UN, is conflicting with a Islamic one integrated way of life and government. That UBL's World view is medieval is a Western opinion. We are too progressive for his part of the World. We are the "liberals" of the World. Isn't it ironic, that "liberals", as in the Western World, are less inclined to be religious? Isn't it telling? Isn't liberalism and relativism congruent? 

Christianity failed the Mission to spread over (conquer) the whole World. The Crusades were a violent and primitive method of gaining influence; especial for a peace and love promoting religion. The Inquisition did not match the Christian ideas either. The witch hunts are on the debit side as well. Some of those things we overcame. But not the failure to spread The Good Message to the Arabic and Asian brothers and sisters, 1400 plus years ago!

Now we have to deal with the substitute religion Islam, what is missing the self sacrificing, non violent aspect of Christianity. It is however not missing the violent aspects of the Crusades. 

The USA is a young country that just like any child, can only think in "here and now" terms. But "history" took place and the USA is the dauphin of the Western Tradition. 

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