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The Moslem Factor In the American Society.
President George W. Bush might well be aware, that with all good intentions and efforts as unfurled by Sec. of State Colin Powel all over the Arabic world he will only have partly success in getting cooperation.  He might see Governments join his coalitions with a measure of cooperation, depending on the judgment of their particular internal political situation.
Example can be seen by the only verbal support of Saudi Arabia; no military action from their soil. 
Also it's easy to understand that under internal political pressure according the progress status of the military actions, changes of mind and policies  might occur among those governments. 
Taking this to the individual indeed personal level, we can safely assume that if military actions are executed, that individuals will keep or change sites according sentiments, emotions, relations and indeed religious and political affiliations. 
We don't know in what ratio's. This will be depending in the first place on which country the individuals are living. 
And this will therefor be the problem of that countries government. 
This applies naturally also to the United States. 
There are all kind of Moslem groups in the US; these include the original or born into the religion. 
There are many complains from Moslem communities, that they unjustly are associated with others who call themselves Moslem and who are involved in violent or even terror acts. 
And they express a lot of patriotic solidarity. Certainly there are among those who are performing a nice act of pseudo patriotism as self defense. Understanding this does not proof anything about their loyalty or lack of it and does absolute not justify any violent or discriminatory deeds against them by groups or individuals. 
There are also large groups who, have chosen some kind of Moslem denomination, as a protest against the founding religion and society, which they with more ore less justification consider the reason for their perceived oppression.
Many joined those groups because there is more power in numbers. And they have armed themselves. The Nation of Islam and the Black Moslems are among these. 
I might be more pessimistic than ever in my life, however I can't get away from a conclusion that there will be renegades, among those groups members when their judgment differs from the Administration's and military action has been taken, with the normal result of broken things and killed persons.  And I have not yet touched the peacenics factor. They have already taken their own site.
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