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After the war: Where was Mecca?
Talk radio is popular in the USA. It is popular with me too. Today some caller told the host that the US should threaten that when there would be one more attack against the people of America, there would not be a Mecca anymore! The Arabs should understand that the unspoken threat is there! All problems of Islamism originate from Saudi Arabia, America's "friend" in the middle East. Those "friends" in Riyadh have to consider some serious changes. The population of many Western cities are vulnerable and thus alarmed, under the threat of terrorist attacks. The population of qualifying Arab countries should understand that their lives are in much greater danger if they want to continue on a course of adversity. They should be reminded that there are still nuclear submarines in the US fleet. Reprogramming the missiles to strike their cities is simple. The Christian morality, weakened by the liberal influences, might be harder to bring to the realization that war is upon us and peace returns only after victory. How many more blows must this country endure before it will allow its military to do what is necessary and inevitable. The US can promise and will be able to keep its word: There  never will be a Mecca anymore!
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  Date 03/00/2002