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Did Marxists Infiltrate American Catholic Hierarchy?
The policy of the American Conference of Catholic Bishops as adopted in a secret ballot is not solving the problem of the infiltration by immoral individuals to destroy the Church from the inside. The policy is not directly affecting the religious orders, where the leaders can make their own policy. It also does not address why and how this kind of immoral behavior could enter the largest Christian denomination in the World. 
The corruption of children through the sexual abuse is almost unthinkable without getting the eyes ripped open for the existence of satan and how he has gotten power inside religious institutions through homosexual behavior. That this behavior was condoned by the hierarchy gives us to think that collusion is part of the problem; it could mean that there was a common goal; the destruction of the enemy of communism. I wrote about my personal experience in the 60's. It is not surprising that many of the abuse cases date from the 70's and 80's.
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  Date 03/00/2002