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Bin Laden's declaration of Jihad
The article below is written ~9/15/01. At this time things are developing as I expected. It reminded me of a book written by Leon Uris, The Haj. It describes the relation between Arabic Moslem fathers, sons and brothers. This relation is competitive, to say the least. The book  does also describe the relation between men and women in the family and the mothers and daughters. 
Usama bin Laden, as one of the many sons from his father has his aim set on becoming the emperor of the Islamic world. He has attracted the attention of all already misinformed Moslems all over the Arabic part of the world and now has announced the Jihad. He also is stepping up his misinformation; or is it? From the viewpoint of the Arabs the offensive of President G.W.Bush against World terrorism is a Crusade. And the President used that word. The way bin Laden is using this by calling it a Jewish crusade under the symbol of the cross, will generate even more fanaticism among the general Arab populations. When bin Laden will succeed in foment enough unrest in Arab nations to reach the ignition point, it could topple governments which are now on the anti terrorism site. Unfortunately the hate for the Western world will be the uniting force of Arabs all over the Arab World centered on bin Laden. This is the way to stick out among his many brothers and become the Haj, and more.
When Mohammed in ~640 AD proclaimed  to be prophet of Allah, That was after more than 2600 years of undefined religious identity of the Arabic Tribes, his mission was to bring back monotheism to the life of the descendants of Abraham and Hagar the servant of Abraham's wife, Sarah. Hagar's son was Ismael the father of  the Ismaelites, the Arabs. The fascinating history what has horrific repercussions as we experience now, can be read in Gen.21. Abraham under pressure of Sarah, send Hagar away into the dessert to die. And this may be the core cause of resentment of Arabs toward Jews.
To minimize the religious aspect and influence of our predicament would be a mistake, because the other site has already included it in the affair, while religion is the basis of their society. You can tell the American people ten thousand times that it is not a religious war, they will believe you, but if you think for a moment that you will have any convincing influence on the billion Moslems, you gota be dreaming, and that I say just to be kind. Well, it will not be a billion. For example the quarter billion Indonesians have been influenced around 300 years by Christian Dutch. But their Moslems have been violent too: Remember Timor.

Righteousness is not a human invention; it is a Divine ingredient of the universe that we can experience and tap in to.
We need to be on God's side to have God on our side.

According Islam there are three holy religions. The older Judaism, the newer Christianity and Islam as the youngest. All three are originating from the same Source through the same prophet, Abraham. He understood, was touched by, the One and only eternal Source, the One beyond big boom singularity. 

If you belong to any Christian denominations, you might be surprised to hear, that Moslems recognize Jesus of Nazareth to be a "righteous prophet"! I don't know if that is an other reason for Moslems to have disdain for Jews, who deny any position to Jesus. With exception of "Jews for Jesus", who than of cause can not be Jews. Jews can be liberal, reformed, agnostic, socialist even communist, but they can not be Jews if they have recognized Jesus.

Let me tell what I see happening. Let me first say that I am real happy that the US has the most capable leadership it could ever wish for, in this time of trouble. The ambition of George W. to make the World a peaceful place stirs my heart with admiration and trust. 

The Afghan priminister explained, did a serious job convincing his staff that it is beneficial to take America's site and that it would be hazardous to support the Taliban who had been trouble anyway, being ungrateful for all help Pakistan had given. His conclusion: Better smart than emotional. And emotion is especially a problematic characteristic of the large masses of Moslems. Uncontrollable emotion of hate or anger. With that these masses drive their government leadership to action. There is a solidarity among them like in a large family. They stir each others emotions. We saw the demonstration in Jordan, Syria, Gaza, Egypt and others, when the Coalition drove Sadam's troops out of Kuwait. This is what I expect on much larger scale. Because the terrorist organizations are all over the Arab world. They have their propaganda system in place and willing ears to listen to their indoctrination. It is "Liberation Theology" the Arab way.

The Western, say American people look to their leaders and unite with their logic deliberate actions. Cool heads prevail.

When the "Operation Infinite Justice" will have begun, it will cause a chain reaction. I expect this to become larger than the Golf War. There are many more countries involved on both sites. If the military power of the US is mainly used to put pressure on problem countries like Syria and only surgical strikes by special forces are used, we will not see calamities. My expectation is that it will not be possible to avoid to conduct more extensive operations  Iraq, Baghdad? In that case the US is sucked into larger battles, the at this time somewhat diminished solidarity of the Moslem nations will be strengthened because the Arab hate is everywhere in these countries. Then we will see Great Balls of Fire.

Some might be shocked and others could be concluding: "this is a nut; disregard this"! I am a writing visionary 66 year old man with some religious training and experience with Moslems. My words are an opinion. I consider my opinion one of the most important things I have to offer, since it is based on little knowledge and a little more intuition, intuition that in my life has caused me many problems, when I chose to ignore what it told me.
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