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Inverse Order.
It is no miracle to be right when predicting an event that 75% of a focus group could agree on. Therefor I should not say with pride " I told you so", about what I wrote after Arafat was let go. I wrote that it would soon show to be a mistake to let Arafat lose. The last bombing of a pool hall in Jerusalem with young Jews is not in linear relation to the free Arafat; Hamas has claimed responsibility for this murderous attack. But neither does it make any difference, who takes responsibility because whether it is a Palestinian diplomatic representative or a Arab press person, they all excuse these murders: it's because of the Israeli "occupation". They all express to have the same particular concept of morality, humanity and truth, quite similar to the Stalinist: attaining the goal is more important than morality. Their society functions on a inverse order of priorities. This makes them not to understand their own lies. From the viewpoint of truth their society is therefor confused and thus handicapped and without the ability to correct. It is as with inferior religious beliefs. They are maintained even though better, deeper understanding already has been revealed.
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  Date 05/07/2002