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Billy Graham flop
The recorded conversation of Billy Graham and Richard Nixon and the conclusion that the things said where anti Semitic is to be reviewed.
These are the points to considered.
What has happened to the country in the 30 years since the conversation?
Just for the record: both Jews and Arabs are Semites, descendants of Sem, son of Biblical Noah.
The critical sentenc in the conversation was something like: with the media in the US in general controlled by Jews, the country will go to hell in a hand basket." 
What has happened is that morally and spiritually the US definitely has suffered. Increasing numbers of unwed mothers, abortion by the thousands, homo-lesbian pride, crime, drugs! Not such a nice picture! 
Let us imagine what would have happened if the media would have been controlled, owned proportionaly according the constituentcy of the country; then the majority of media would have Christian publishers, right? Would this have made difference on the publications? Would that have made a difference for the country? Without doubt!
Let's talk about Jews and Jewish publishers. Careful now!
The Jews are to be divided in ethnic and religious or ethnic but not practicing or even atheists. It is logic to expect that  neither types are inclined to support or promote Christian ideas. What kind of influence this must have had on the media during those 30 years? The result has been secular media, separation of Religion and Media. Was that what Billy and Richard foresaw?
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