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Regrouping Taliban
The status of so called Taliban "soldiers", as they are regrouping, after the the establishment of the new Afghan government under Karzai, for all practical purpose must be considered to be aligning themselves to Al Qaeda. This can be the status for any ex Taliban fighter (illegal combatant) who is not putting him self under the command of the new Afghan government. However the Afghan government has the responsibility to make public to the nation by radio and any means that ex Taliban military can recognize the new regime. This consequently means that that they could receive amnesty, if they are not guilty of any crimes, war or other.
The Enron affair becomes uglier by the day, not in small amount to the contribution of Dick Gebhardt to the story. If any time the expression "fishing in muddy waters" can be applied, it is in this case. He is not the only political vulture trying to get their way with the carcass. The attempt to blow life into the campaign finance reform proposal is an attempt to make up for the popularity of any of the top officials of the Bush administration. It is clear that the demorats will have at balance gain by giving up the donation they would get from large donors, because the GOP would lose more. Not to forget that they can count on 30.000 more dues paying federal airport security union members. A double whammy for their election funding.
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