"From the gut (and the heart)"
Editorials by Paul Olivier
Forget it.
Arafat has been let lose. Not even talking how wrong that will show to be in the near future, the end of the Israeli police action to remove and arrest criminals from Jenin and Bethlehem is perceived to be a victory by the Palestinian militant conspirators: their criterion is to be alive and free and to be able to continue their criminal activities.
Not unexpected, fire "broke out" in the Church of the Nativity.  Blamed are the Israelis as to try, and in case of some gullible individuals, succeeding in letting  forget that the forcibly take over of the church was the reason for the standoff and any destruction is clearly the responsibility of the intruders. Leaving in the middle the cause of the fire. It is all publicity centered and successful with that in Europe, with the many Arab and Muslim derived residents.
Who ever beliefs that it is possible to come to peaceful coexistence between Israelis and the other semites, is not just a good willing idealist, but a seriously mentally challenged fool. 
Forget it!
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  Date 05/05/2002