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The Axis of Evil and the Principle.
Critics in abundance have been tripping over the word "axis" in Prez. Bush S. o.t. U. speech. That word however was not the important word in the sentence. Evil was the word and the significance of pointing out where evil is located and in its normal state is hiding, is an essential action to defeat evil and is based on a universal principle.
That principle is simple the opposing characteristics of good and evil as derived from the God versus Satan dualism.
God wants to be known, recognized and worshipped. 
Evil as derived from Satan, who does not need and rather does not want to be known, "no publicity please", works best in secret. Satan likes it that people don't' believe in his existence. 
When Ronald Reagan called the Soviet Union "the evil empire", it ushered in the end of that evil government based on atheist Marxism.
To point out what and where evil exist has always been the method for it to be overcome. As we call the beast with its name and attack it that way, it will struggle though its proxies apologists, but it loses blood and disappears in an other area it controls.
Not everyone at once recognizes evil; the youth lose site of it by means of the influence of relativist and such philosophical indoctrination (public education) and the like. Strong characters were needed to change the course of history. Slavery was since ancient times custom in the whole World. It first had to be called evil to be eliminated. Terrorists lost their incognito name freedom fighter and are now recognized by most as "evildoers" and become defeat able. So will it go with other evils; we just first have to call it for what it is: promiscuity, pornography,  practiced homosexuality, abortion murder, hedonism's, pedophylia and such.
First we have to be able to see evil as evil, in order to overcome it as with slavery and it's descendants: racism  and race bating. 
The principle of battling evil might be simple, but the blindness for evil is the handicap we have to defeat first, time and time again.
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