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The Enron Affair & Consequences
The ERON affair brings a number of issues in
focus, which are inter related and will urge us to solve imperfections of retirement
vehicles such as 401 K's etc., just as the 9/11/2001 disaster urges eradication of terrorism.

The ingredients of the analysis should include the by candidate G. W. Busch proposed 2%
self managed part of SS Tax, and so fervently discredited as a "risky schema".

The Chairman Greenspan's "irrational
exuberance" qualification of the stock market levels, consecutively following by Fed. Reserve Board interest rate increases and slow following decreasing after:

the burst of the "dot-com" bubble.

The California pseudo energy crisis.

The fallen fuel prices as result of the the
9/11/2001 attack, with the following reduced
traveling and use of fuel and decreased profitability of the airline companies.

One more factor: the unconventional accounting methods the tech companies where
lured into: includes some of the stock value in
the profits.

To avoid the discrepancy between what management can do with their stock interest and the employees can do with theirs in retirement account containing stock interest, the same regulations has to be made, just like the congress was made to follow their own laws: "what is good to the goose is good for the gander" rule.

To be continued.

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