"From the gut (and the heart)"
Editorials by Paul Olivier
First Priority: Education.
President George W. on any occasion will stress the importance of every child's education. Together with safety and peace, education are the essential prerequisites for prosperity and happiness. This just from a secular viewpoint. It is however not any, but quality, in its widest meaning, education, which is the most important factor to reach successful results.
For all of us in the Western World, it is obvious that the content and intention of the educators is relative to the benefit or harm education can do to society. This is most evident considering the effect of paticular education on Islamic society, as we became painful aware of.
Without having the means to poll opinions about the status of the American education, we still can safely assume, that the quality of education is not undivided perceived as being without great flaws and that these flaws are very real. The flaws are not that education is unavailable or unaccessible. The problems are in the quality of the educators. The ideological coloring of the educators and their education is, to say the least, problematic. The obvious reality is that contemporary educators are educated by educators from previous generations, who went through a ideological and moral revolution. That revolution has not been in all aspects positive. Confused and regressive Worlviews as well as "dirty politics" have taken front position and zap education from its potential.
The ideological factor of education is most important to the future of society and needs to be correct.
The physical products of our time and culture can be diverse according to taste; that is a good or at least a nice thing. The ideological output to the youth of America should not be a personal or groups taste. It should be right. We better figure out what that right should be! If we get it right, we will give next generations a better chance to deal with most problems in our society.
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  Date 05/11/2002