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The Evil Axis 
The WW2 allies opposing the evil Axis was depending on a quartet of great personalities. There were additional smaller personalities, but we can compare the 21st century history making quartet in similar way. 
Some may say that G.W.Bush is no Roosevelt; he might prove them wrong.
Pakistan's courageous Musharraf would take the position of Churchill.
Putin would be in the position of a good Stalin (such contradiction); Tony Blair to Gen. de Gaulle. 
On the Axis site it is simple: Hussain - Hitler, Kameni - Mussolini, Kim - Hirohito.
Arrafat - the little dessert rat, in the position of Ben Gurion: having no state!
You can play around with this and some other leaders of Israel, Egypt, Turkey and Jordan. Syria, Sudan and Libya. 
We will experience an important époque of history with profound intensity.
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  Date 02/13/2002