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Bush disappointed and not without good reason.
There have been times that it one could get the impression that democrats don't understand economics. For some time it has become clear that they play a devious game with the economy and the lives of the American worker. This might not be the fact for every individual democratic politician; there must be so here an there be an individual who has a conscience. 
However the game their leadership plays is obscene! To make people depending on government support, but delaying the recovering of the economy and thus extend employment scarcity by not allowing a needed stimulus package to be implemented. This all to keep people with the most need pacified and supporting their devious tactic of enslavement and blame the recession on Bush; this isaimed at diminishing Bush chance of reelection by not allowing the economy to return to health. That the republicans are not agreeing to do less than the right thing is the principled way to go; who after all would create prosperity, if it is not the entrepreneurs and the workers of the US? Unemployed workers are workers who need to get employment to become productive taxpayers; and an unemployment check just will not do!
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  Date 02/06/2002