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More Democrats Shenanigans
The First Amendment should only have validity to democrats, according Sen. Lieberman. His statements that Prez. Bush should ask to remove negative to Sen. Daschle ads from independent organizations seem to indicate that. 
The mantra that "the people want election campaign reform" is an other deviation of truth. Who is really interested in such such reform? The press and the incumbents.
The pathetic disrespectful treatment of Sec. Paul O'Neill by Sen. Robert Byrd is as classic and unforgettable as Clinton's finger. And their exchange!
This with the envy and spite of Sen. Ernest Hollings about the meager $3500 he had been able to rake in from Enron made this week a complete "reject democrats" motivation seminar, after at the start of the week the economical stimulant program was killed by senate dictator Tom Daschle.
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