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Daschle's Desperation
It must have looked that today's announcement of Tom Ridge color coded alert system jolted Tom Daschle's nerves as an other opportunity to try to nibble at George Busch popularity. He had questions which already had been explained by Ridge on Fox Cable News last Sunday to Tony Snow (one of the smartest and most pleasant interviewers around).
Ridge explained, clear to understand for a child, that Federal Government can not regulate, the means by which the individual states will be able to protect their residents. 
The five color coded alert system levels are the basis to communicate the danger level of a perceived threat. In similar manner response measure are to be developed according feedback from State and local authorities and relative to local circumstances and requirements.
The request by Daschle to "explain" to the Senate this alert system in development is just an other opportunity created to grandstand his criticism of the Bush administration in order to nibble at Bush 80% approval rate. It will appear to be an other greased pole he is grasping on to.
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