"From the gut (and the heart)"
Editorials by Paul Olivier
America and humanity have been shocked by the murder of the soon to be father and husband of a loving wife. Our heart and love are with her and his family and friends.
This terrible act fills us with deep sadness and anger. The gruesome manner this crime has been committed leads us to think that some groups or individuals in the Middle East have not reached a level that qualifies them to be called human.
That a senseless shameless cold-blooded killing of a defenseless peaceful person will not deter the war against terrorism but just make it clear to doubters that it is a just war. For them it is an other wake-up call that terrorism is not less than an attack on civilization.
The righteous and courageous actions of Pakistan's president Musharraf to reform education and ban the evil, deviant Muslim organizations in his country and the support he has from the majority of the Pakistani population in that task, gives us hope that Pakistan soon will be able to remove the shame from its midst.
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