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Blessed are the meek . . .
The following quote contained in a email reached me yesterday from someone who earlier had send a polemic note:

"O you who believe! What
is the matter with you, that
when you are asked to
march forth in the Cause of
Allah (i.e. go for Jihad),
you cling heavily to the
earth? Are you pleased with
the life of this world rather
than the Hereafter? But little
is the enjoyment of the life
of this world as compared
with the Hereafter."
(al-Quraan, 9:38) 

This was my answer:

Yes Omar,

These words seem simple to interpret . . . . if you are the right person!
Do you think that there is difference between the interpretation of someone with love in his heart and someone filled with envy and hate?

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  Date 04/15/2002