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Letter to: "Some one to blame".
The following was intended as an Email to the writer of an article on the Time Weekly web site. After I composed the letter, site had changed date. I tried to find the article and writers name in the archives. I gave up after wasting 45 min. 
Understanding that you as a journalist have to cover the topic, I am not critical about that aspect of your article. 
It is just that I get the impression that there is so much self centered complaining coming from the Muslim community (whatever that is).
I understand the fear women and children have; I knew fear in German occupied Holland.
Living now in New York City and eye witness to the attack and disaster, as you can see on my web site, and good experience of conferences with groups of Muslims from several Middle Eastern countries, I am left with strong feelings, puling me both ways.
However what floats to the top is the feeling that the verbal expressed solidarity of the Arab Americans is performed as an act, for self preservation sake and loyalty to Muslim society will prevail in the end. Why would you have a faith otherwise?
This seems to be logic as well, since integral of the Islam faith is that the State should be Theocratic and the  fundamental Muslim should strife to advance that goal.
The extreme is expressed in these attacks on the freedom of the of the Western society, to have a secular governmental organization, that let freedom of choice of faith to the individual.
The Western society might not be the Kingdom of God on Earth, it might even contain all sins of Sodom and Gomorra, however Islam has not realized that ideal in any of their nations either.
I am coming to two conclusions:
1. Islam is a hindrance to a peaceful society.
2. In this time Islam is regressive: it's practices were designed and were good for polytheistic Arabic tribes of 1300 Years ago. It is in need a new prophet, to bring Islam into the 21st century. Or it got to go. 

That is not President G.W.Bush's strategy. In his press conference with king Abdulah of Jordan, he said: "Make no mistake about it, it's good versus evil; it is not against Islam".
If it is good versus evil, than it is also: God versus Satan! And the little scary Muslim people are in the crossfire. What side will they take?
Islam has brought forth an evil seed; and more than one. Satan is hiding in Islam. Ye would expect Satan in Atheism. It's there to.
Well along this line my thoughts are developing.
You wrote about that young English lady, converted to Islam and the pride, about her covering her hair in Muslim way with a scarf, in modesty.
Some modesty would not be so bad for the Western society, seeing the belly button showing off girls in the USA. But I am happy that I, as a child, could see how pretty my mother was without veil. The veil is regressive. We know what is decent; and that will do. The veil is an insult to Western society. But you should have the freedom to wear it. 

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