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Arafat in a pickle, or toast?
The Chairman of The Palestine Authority has gotten himself in nasty situation by not calling his suicide dogs back. Sharon's Cabinet made the decision to isolate Arafat and the way it is working out is that he is locked up without water, electricity and a cell phone from which the battery must run out soon. He has however "good" company: four of his five terrorist foreman are with him in a two room section of his HQ.  Thus far the good part; but it doesn't make for a happy Easter or Passover. The UN Security Counsel has past a resolution asking for the immediate withdrawal of the Israeli forces. But this only brings to the attention, the ineffectiveness and the coloring of that organization. 
For the Arabs the humiliation factor is most important and constantly mentioned, however their behavior continues to ask for more of the same. And so they are up for an other whipping. They must have some serious psychological defect, which is inherent to the culture. How do you tell it your children, Prophet Mohammed? 
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  Date 03/31/2002